Do I need to detox?

There is no shortage of detox products available on the market today and you might be wondering whether you need to cleanse your body through detoxification. Let’s take a look at what it is, whether you need it, and some points to be aware of in case you do decide to ‘detox’.

What does ‘detox’ mean?

‘Detoxing’ is the process of getting rid of unwanted toxins from the body. It can take on many forms from colonic hydrotherapy to taking pills to go on a juice fast. Advocates claim that detoxing the body can help increase energy levels, clear up skin problems, lose weight, and help you think more clearly, among other things.

Many people who detox have chosen to do so because they are eating well and exercising but are feeling lethargic, or have niggling health issues that they can’t seem to shift.

Do I need it?

There are vastly differing viewpoints on this topic. Something you do need to understand is that your organs and bodily systems have been designed to help you detoxify your body each and every day. It’s one of the many incredible jobs they do, and they’re very good at doing it.

The word ‘detox’ can mean different things to different people. For one person it could mean cutting out alcohol and takeaway foods for the coming month. For another, it might mean more of an intensive program including pills, colonics, and a very strict diet.

You may have even heard of the relatively recent term ‘digital detox’, which involves abstaining from technology for a set period of time. Perhaps for you, it simply means escaping the smog of a big Asian city and taking a relaxing break away?

Only you can decide whether you need to detox and if so what it means for you and how you’re going to go about it. Detox products and programs will go to varying extremes to help you achieve your goal of detoxification.

It’s important to bear these points in mind when you’re deciding on a course of action:

Points to consider

  • If you’re purchasing a detox product, who is selling it to you? Are they a qualified health professional or is it a marketing company?
  • Ask questions about any products. Find out about the research that has gone into them, the ingredients, potential risks and dangers of taking the product, the possible side effects, and how you might be expected to feel during the detox
  • If you are going to ‘detox’, ensure you employ healthy lifestyle principles. There is no sense thinking that the solution is inside the pill and then disrespecting the body by eating poorly or neglecting healthy sleep habits for example. Detoxing should never be seen as a replacement for healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Remember that detoxes tend to be short term solutions. What is your plan once the detox is over? How will you carry out healthy lifestyle habits that you can maintain in the long term?
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