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Healthy Living by Bud • Healthy living by Bud Guri nutritionist

Meet Bud. Bud is a yoga instructor, a health coach, and a fitness influencer in Bangkok.

Sporting stylish yoga gear, toned arms, and a trim midsection, she’s always flashing a bright, confident smile as you scroll through her Instagram feed. Underneath all of that confidence and muscle, you’d never know that she wasn’t always the fit yoga instructor you see today.

Finding Fitness in Balance

According to Bud, growing up she was an overweight child and lacked confidence. Then, while working as a software engineer in Singapore, she developed insomnia and major digestive problems—byproducts of a fast-paced, city lifestyle and a stressful work environment.

Rather than solely depend on over-the-counter products to remedy her health issues, Bud chose to change her eating habits. She researched healthy eating rules for a proper diet and adapted these philosophies to her daily life.

Eventually, Bud developed her own healthy eating rules or Food Combination rules as she calls them, and also began practicing yoga as her main form of exercise. She says that losing 10 kg was a side effect of making these healthy lifestyle changes.

Healthy Living by Bud • Healthy Living By Bud Before and After

Empowering Others to Live Healthy

After moving back to Thailand, Bud decided to share her story, her recipes for healthy eating, and her yoga practice to support others who experience similar health and digestive struggles that she once faced.

Bud founded Healthy Living By Bud and today she teaches interval yoga and is an individual health and fitness coach in Bangkok.

Pointing to her own weight loss journey as inspiration, Bud’s mission is simple: she wants to help people live healthier and happier life no matter what their current fitness level or lifestyle is. Bud believes that a desire to change for the better is your first step to getting healthy and fit.

Healthy Living by Bud • Healthy Living By Bud Yoga Teacher

Teaching the Power of Food

One of Bud’s main passions is food and she lives her life by the Food Combination rules she developed.

Being very open about her own diet, which is heavily based on fresh fruits and vegetables and smoothies, Bud also acknowledges that her diet wouldn’t work for everyone. She has posted messages before stating “each person is different, with a different energy consumption, and a different metabolism.”

Bud often posts that food is the source for natural healing, nature’s own medicine for us if we know how to use it. Many of her posts and much of her advice centers around the power of clean eating with the purpose of aiding in proper nutrition and curing digestive problems like constipation, indigestion, and acid reflux.

For anyone interested in rebooting their diet, Bud’s website,, is a great source for Bud’s own healthy food recipes, including smoothie and snack recipes.

Healthy Living by Bud • Healthy Living By Bud Nutritionist Food Combination

Inspiring Fitness through Yoga

Bud also shares her passion for a healthy lifestyle as an interval yoga instructor. Interval yoga is different than the more standard Vinyasa flow or Hatha Yoga in that it incorporates alternating intervals of high and low intensity, similar to but less strenuous than interval training.

Bud teaches 1-hour classes at a yoga studio near Chong Nonsi BTS. For a sample of Bud’s teaching style and yoga tips, head over to her YouTube channel, Yoga By Bud, where she posts regular weekly workouts and yoga tutorials. You can also see more videos from her classes and snapshots from her events on the Yoga By Bud Instagram page.

Bud’s passion for fitness regularly extends beyond the yoga studio. She hosts and appears in several workshops around Bangkok covering everything from meal preparation, to oil pulling, to making kombucha.

Bud’s passion for living a healthy life and for inspiring others to do the same is evident and palpable across all of her public platforms. It’s not hard to see why this health influencer has taken Bangkok by storm and has proven that she’s here to stay.

Healthy Living by Bud • Healthy Living By Bud Yoga Pose Bangkok

To connect or learn more about Bud visit her Group at Guri. 

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