Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Services

Business leaders recognize the burden of rising healthcare costs to their companies and their employees.

The benefits of Guri Corporate

Custom Programs

Plan on-site classes, video-courses, activities and events for extra motivation.

Flexible Plans

Pay only for as many seats as you need and stop wasting money on services no one uses.

Data Insights

A personalized company dashboard and comprehensive reports give you at-a-glance employees’ adoption and trends.

Dedicated Support

Work with your account manager to explore and promote your newest benefits.

How Guri Corporate works

It’s simple. Once your employees join our dedicated Corporate Guri Portal they’ll have immediate access to customized health programs, and resources for learning and for taking action, and they’ll even have specific company-driven incentives to keep them pushing towards better health and productivity! As a corporate team leader, you’ll be able to keep track of their progress and reward them for their achievements!

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What employees get

Easy to use app

Guri Corporate works directly inside Guri Web and Mobile App, avoiding the hassle of learning to navigate a new platform.

A holistic approach to wellness

From physical fitness, nutrition, and relaxation to mindfulness and mental health, Guri covers all areas of wellness. We even keep your team members updated with live activities & events to live healthy both in and out of the office.

Personalized programs

Our health assistant will help you create programs specifically designed for your employees.

Quizzes & reward credits

Keep your team engaged and motivated with our quizzes, games, and reward systems.

Special perks & promotions

As corporate members, your teams will enjoy all the perks of regular Guri members plus more, sourced from our vast network of partners and dedicated specifically to meeting your team’s needs.

Improve the health and productivity of your workforce.